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Matt and Lyndsey-Married


No ones know how the day of your wedding will pan out. Anything can happen in the hours leading to one of the most important days of your life.. And yet it’s really just that. “It’s just another day and all cards will fall how they are suppose to..”

Will that day call for rain? Strong winds maybe erupt as your heading to the venue and all you can think about is if your vail will stay on? Did someone forget to turn the sprinkles off and the green, grassy lawn and chairs are now soggy and soaked? Did you wake up this morning with the brightest pimple between your eyes? Did someone find out their dress (or pants) don’t fit that you rented, at the last minute? Is the whole day running late because the make-up artist got stuck in traffic? Did the bride, moments before her walk down the aisle, take a nasty spill and have to be rushed to the ER for stitches?

What matters on a wedding day is that everyone you love is together to watch you seal the beginnings of your new life and that everyone has a good time.

Remember that the best defense is a good offense. The only thing we can expect is the unexpected itself! Surround yourself with your support team of problem-solvers to help alleviate stress. Try your best to remain calm and carry on. Or in this case pick a bride that does all of that for everyone else.

Shouldn’t the bride be at least a little nervous? NOT this one! Lyndsey remained relaxed and gorgeous till the sun went down. There isn’t anything better then that! The entire production was amazing to witness. The color of the decor, maids dresses and flowers spoke so loud and beautiful. A believe it was a success for our very first vineyard wedding.


Juvilyn & Martin- It’s a Boy!

You might feel a little familiar with this couple already. They’ve been featured a few times on our site before. We were blessed enough to have met the beautiful Juvilyn through a coworker of my husbands. She had graduated collage, getting photos, and was very excited to see her fiance who was days away and on his way home. Martin had been gone for a very long, while overseas in Japan. He is one of our soldiers who serve in our Marines. That would be the first we had ever met him, shooting their engagement session in Coronado, Ca.  Months later was their fairtale wedding at the dreamy Mt. Woodson Castle in Ramona, California which fit their love and relationship perfectly.

Now, as you can see, they are on their next, great, chapter in life and loving every minute. The faces on these two have always been lit with lifes happiness and love, I can’t help but feel refreshed everytime I see them.

Maybe it has something to do with Filipino smiles but I just can’t get enough of.  Congratulations Juvilyn and Martin on your list of upcoming journeys and adventures. MAy you always know to turn to each other if you’re lost  because you are each others paths to light, always.


Scisters Salon-Eye For Love

The Element of Air-

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are Air signs. To connect with these powers, find a place with clean air and breathe. Breathe deeply, touch a feather or inhale the sweet scent of heavily fragrant flower. Allow yourself to experience the energy of this element, and also become aware that we also posses Air energy within ourselves.

I share with you now 1 of the 4 Element blogs, from a project I was asked to participate in, by 2 creative, beautiful souls. They are business partners at Scisters Salon in La Mesa, California. They are featured in the last couple frames.

Enjoy Eye For Lovers!

The Wedding Ring

What does the wedding ring mean? Seems like these day people are try to put their own meaning into the symbol and scratch the old, traditional meaning. Or some not even a ring is worn at all.

“It’s just a piece of jewelry.”

I’ve always looked at it as a reminder. Who wouldn’t? Its on your hand all day staring at you! How can you I forget?!

When it comes down to it, it’s a promise. A reminder of the words that were said, the promises that you’ve made on your wedding day. And looking down and seeing that symbol on your hand everyday, knowing that God has blessed it.

A promise and dedication to building life together. An eternal, everlasting love symbolized in a circle…(…not a square)

But my favorite meaning of all is the fact that wearing your ring for all to see is clearly signifying to the world that you and your better half are fully committed to each other.

“Unconditional, unconditionally. I will love you unconditionally!”

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