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Dorothy and Eljay. Engaged

Oh the power of social media…

Meet Eljay and Dorothy, our first Instagram referral…

Location: Salk Institute

Objective: Push my limits of creativity.

I personally feel that what we created here was some of my best work to date. I am so proud, stoked, pumped and flat out excited about these images.



Andrea+Robert- Teaser

San Diego, California – Hazy Meadows Ranch

This last weekend helped my husband and I realize that our paths are all laid out for us. We’ll never know what is around the next corner until you are there at the bend taking that turn. It could mean a whole new world for you. It could also be a longer, rougher road… It could be another four-way stop that you get stuck at but never is the option of making a u-turn.

We live by going forward. We live and learn lessons. We must follow our own curiosity and explore, learning rules and playing better next time. Live in ever moment that you are given because our book is open to that page, now.  Knowledge comes from experience and life lessons are learned because we NEED to learn.  Appreciate them and you will grow.  Hope and faith help light that dirt road of life.

Still have hope. One day we’ll find our way home.

“When I saw you I fell in Love and you smiled because you knew.” -W.Shakespeare

“Faith, hope and love… And the greatest of these is love.” -1 Corinthians 13:13

Will and Aubrey. Engaged



San Diego, California

Seeing Balboa Park, in the first moments it awakes, with the sun rising, brings a whole different feel.

Will and Aubrey were game enough to wake up really early, BEFORE SUNRISE, and meet us in the crisp, morning air.  It wasn’t chilly for long, and it had nothing to do with our beautiful sun.

This couple is beautiful and what made the day even more beautiful was that they were so lost in each other.  Thank you both for making the morning so effortless for us.   What a blessing to see such a love before our eyes.

“So this is love, So this is what makes life divine.”   – Cinderella


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Can’t wait until your big day!

Stay tuned for THAT people! 🙂


Tim and Janine- Married

You gotta love a San Diego beach wedding! Nothing says ‘relax’ and ‘go-with-the-flow’ like the beautiful shores of southern California. Blessed we are, to live and breathe this air, feel the warmth of this sun and soft sand between our toes.

We met up with Tim and Janine behind Hotel Del Coronado. Many reasons brought them to this beach and between the dunes was a perfect spot to the exchange rings.  Although Coronado Island air space was a little busy, that didn’t bother the ear to ear grins all around us.  We waited for the second most important people to arrive (mom and dad) and that marked the beginning of the show.  I followed the bride and her best-friend, after reminiscent about stories from their passed.  We walking along the same waters to our marked, hidden bench…. where we met a man who was glad to share a little room, but by no means move.  Once the guests arrived comfortably in the sand the brides stared her walk, escorted by her son, and soon after, tears, sweet words, and beautiful smiles.

Mexican food reception and live band was just a short walk across the street.  My favorite part was the colorful cupcake cake 🙂 …and the rings we places inside.

Enjoy as we did. Congratulations you two!


F a c e b o o k