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Will and Aubrey. Engaged



San Diego, California

Seeing Balboa Park, in the first moments it awakes, with the sun rising, brings a whole different feel.

Will and Aubrey were game enough to wake up really early, BEFORE SUNRISE, and meet us in the crisp, morning air.  It wasn’t chilly for long, and it had nothing to do with our beautiful sun.

This couple is beautiful and what made the day even more beautiful was that they were so lost in each other.  Thank you both for making the morning so effortless for us.   What a blessing to see such a love before our eyes.

“So this is love, So this is what makes life divine.”   – Cinderella


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Can’t wait until your big day!

Stay tuned for THAT people!:)


Tim and Janine- Married

You gotta love a San Diego beach wedding! Nothing says ‘relax’ and ‘go-with-the-flow’ like the beautiful shores of southern California. Blessed we are, to live and breathe this air, feel the warmth of this sun and soft sand between our toes.

We met up with Tim and Janine behind Hotel Del Coronado. Many reasons brought them to this beach and between the dunes was a perfect spot to the exchange rings.  Although Coronado Island air space was a little busy, that didn’t bother the ear to ear grins all around us.  We waited for the second most important people to arrive (mom and dad) and that marked the beginning of the show.  I followed the bride and her best-friend, after reminiscent about stories from their passed.  We walking along the same waters to our marked, hidden bench…. where we met a man who was glad to share a little room, but by no means move.  Once the guests arrived comfortably in the sand the brides stared her walk, escorted by her son, and soon after, tears, sweet words, and beautiful smiles.

Mexican food reception and live band was just a short walk across the street.  My favorite part was the colorful cupcake cake:)…and the rings we places inside.

Enjoy as we did. Congratulations you two!


The “First-Look” is powerful

The “First-Look” can come with a lot of benefits. When the soon-to-be-married couple sees each other all dressed up for the first time on the day of their wedding its one of the most special and sometimes VERY emotional moments of the entire day.

It’s getting pretty popular to do a private “first-look” at each other before the ceremony starts, but others would rather save the big reveal for when they are at separate ends of the aisle, hundreds of eyes on you the both of you, shared between all and everyone you love.

Do not feel pressured into doing something that you and your fiancé do not want. It is YOUR day in its entirety and you make it what you want. There is never a guarantee on what emotions you’ll feel at any moment.  That is why this option is out there, if need, planned or not. Your groom will cry at the sight of you, the first time, second time, third…. You are becoming each other’s that day!  Because you’ve experienced the “first-look” doesn’t necessarily take away from the experience of the traditional wedding walk. You may have the same sweet, romantic feelings for all to share with you.


I wouldn’t worry about a “first-look” prior to the ceremony diminishing anything.  But there is something about having that spark of life fill you when you first see each other, and you are able to have the most magical hug/kiss you want WITHOUT worrying about if grandma in the front row  thinks its too much. Smiles, kisses, hugs, touches and whispers just meant for you two…. And the photographers with long lens.  Those real, raw, moments with just your eyes and his only, can transform a day.

Getting around to that one-on-one, intimate time with your love can be tough and almost impossible on a day like this.  DO NOT FORGET to set aside some time apart from the party for a private moment of just you two. Whether you have a “first-look” or not, one-on-one time is a must on that busy, planned, sometimes overwhelming day.  Most people get nervous when all eyes are on them, even when it’s a crowd of their loved ones. Standing at the top of the aisle, center of attention can make you feel a bit naked. Even with the plan to connect eyes with your honey-bunny under the alter can be difficult through all of the guests smiles, teary faces and camera flashes.

It’s a decision that must be made between the bride and the groom; their pros and cons on the matter. Every couple is different and the guests are there to soak in the show, (wedding) that is your love all day.

Also, another plus is that your hair and makeup will be freshly applied and ready for your him to see. You’ll have extra time for photos and even more creative photography when you aren’t rushed. Time to relax and enjoy your cocktail hour with loved ones is a plus as well.

The first look is not for everyone. They are not for every wedding and not just for the bride and groom. The bride can easily surprise her father before they walk which can make for amazing, heart-stopping photographic moments.  Sometimes Dad needs those butterflies released.


I come in from after playing with Liam outside and Sadie was concentrating really hard to lining up the magnets on the refrigerator. I came around at the perfect time to snap this image of her feeling proud and accomplished that she did it on her own.

Proud moment.


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